Beam Communication

Beam Authentication

The Beam App sends XMPP traffic via TCP port 5222 for authentication. In order to log in and establish a Beam session, this port must be open on your network firewall. Additionally, TCP port 443 is used for HTTPS traffic. This is required for logging into Your Account dashboard

 URL IP Address Port TCP 5222 TCP 443

Beam Relays

Beams need a persistent connection to the Beam infrastructure to send a status heartbeat and receive configuration information.

In most cases, Beam calls connect directly between the pilot and the Beam device via P2P protocol. Sometimes, however, a Beam relay is required to complete the connection. With the help of Google Cloud services, we've strategically placed the following relays throughout the globe to allow optimal Beam performance. Any of the following Beam relays may be used, depending on your Beam’s geographic location.

Please ensure your firewall allows outbound traffic on UDP ports 6868-6871 to the following destination addresses:

Location Host IP Address
Google Cloud Main Config
Google Cloud Jingle Relay
South Carolina, US  us-east1-1
Virginia, US us-east4-1
Oregon, US us-west2-1
France relay-eu-west9
Netherlands europe-west4-1
Sao Paulo, Brazil southamerica-east1-1
Taiwan asia-east1-1
Osaka, Japan asia-northeast1-1

Beam Network Administrator Guide

Check out our Beam Network Administrator Guide to ensure your network is prepared for Beam.