Recruiting at Brown with Beam

We’re excited to report that our first on-campus Beam recruiting event, at Brown University, was a big success!


Attendance was great as Director of Software Engineering Josh Tyler Beamed in to talk about Beam, how we built it, future directions for remote presence technology, and what Suitable is like as a company.

We’d love to bring Beam to your campus.

And if you’re a company that wants to recruit at additional schools, but can’t afford all the travel or other costs, please let us know!

MHacks Recap

The word “epic” gets overused a lot, but MHacks was a legitimately epic hackathon. 1200 hackers and engineers from schools all across the nation came to Michigan Stadium (the largest football stadium in North America) to hack on some amazing projects for 36 hours straight.

We had a great time getting to know the students, and even some of the other sponsors there. Maybe some hackers will be able to Beam in next time!

Here are some photos from the event:

Look great in person with Beam t-shirts

Not many people know that we have a Zazzle store where you can get Beam t-shirts in a few different designs.

Remote Purresence Remote Purresence

Our new favorite? “Remote Purresence.”

We all know Business Cat. We’ve seen him everywhere, promoting cuteness, chasing string, and preserving the bottom line; but how does he do it? Well, it must be because he can now work anywhere, anytime; even from the comfort of his favorite shoe box thanks to remote purresence.

See this design, and more, in our store!

Top Recent Tweets

There’s been some good buzz on Twitter lately about Beam. Here are a couple of our favorite recent tweets:

Feel free to talk to us @suitabletech!

Willow Garage and Suitable

In case you missed our press release or some of the articles covering this news, Suitable is welcoming many of the employees of Willow Garage to our company.

Suitable Technologies, Inc., has retained a majority of employees from Willow Garage, Inc. to increase and enhance the development of Suitable Technologies’ Beam™ remote presence system. Suitable Technologies will use the combined resources to further product development, sales and customer support.

Stay tuned to see what additional products and features we’re able to build with our new, expanded team.

See our full press release.

First of its kind: Recruiting this fall at Brown via Beam

In addition to our campus career fair tour this fall, we’re excited to try something totally unprecedented: Recruiting on campus with remote presence!

We’ve been working with some of our early university customers to leverage their Beam devices for on-campus info sessions and other recruiting activities.

Our first scheduled visit is Brown University. We’ll be hosting an info session at Brown on Friday, September 27 at 3pm. Director of Software Engineering Josh Tyler will Beam in to discuss life at Suitable, what it’s like to build a remote presence product from scratch, and the future of this technology. Most importantly, there will be food!

We look forward to sharing more details as we get closer to the date.