Re-think the Daily Commute

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, San Francisco county has among the country’s highest number of workers who commute in from across county lines, with an average commute of 29.6 minutes (the largest segment–almost 20%–take up to 34 minutes).  While the longer commute time might be explained by the greater percentage of workers who use more time-intensive but eco-friendlier methods to commute, such as public transport and, to a lesser extent, biking, the reliance on public transport by 400,000 daily riders underscores the importance of the looming Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) strike and its potential impact to the local economy.


What if we had an effective alternative to reduce the stress we place on our public transport system, and relieve traffic congestion?  As the makers of Beam, we believe that remote presence is that answer: a greener, faster, more effective way to commute.  At most, Beam can replace the need to commute entirely, especially for knowledge-based workers.  At the very least, remote presence can reduce the number of times one needs to commute per week for non-knowledge-based workers from retailers to manufacturers and those in hospitality, further reducing our collective carbon footprint and mitigating the negative effects of something like a transit strike.

And that’s just in our back yard.  Imagine the impact of Beaming on commutes across the country!


Images: U.S. Census

InfoComm13 Best of Show

InfoComm13 in Orlando, Florida was our third show since launching Beam for sale last fall, it was also our largest with twice the square footage and pilots on hand to welcome guests to our booth.  Among all the established and innovative companies present at InfoComm13, there were certainly many options to choose from to make the Best of Show list, and that’s why we are honored and humbled to be named Best of Show, Robotic Telepresence/Remote Presence Solution by Telepresence Options.  Thank you, Telepresence Options, for the recognition!  




Flight Delayed to Bloomberg NBT? NBD.

The Bloomberg Next Big Thing Summit (NBT) is a two day conference that brings together influential investors, entrepreneurs, and other thought leaders to discuss the future of tech, business, and how innovation is changing the human experience and the world.  Missing the event would be, well, a big thing, especially for a panelist.


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When we tell people about meetings we have in which Beams outnumber “meat” people (as we lovingly refer to physical human beings), they sometimes find it difficult to imagine what that might look like.

At Suitable Tech, we like to make things–like face-to-face meetings–easier for people, so we thought taking a picture would be the best way to illustrate this phenomenon.

Beams: 7*
Meat People: 4

*This photo was taken from a team member attending in Beam form.

Visit Us at Infocomm


Visit Us at Infocomm

Missed us at SXSW? Not as much as we missed you!

We’ll be at Infocomm June 12 – 14 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, and we’d love to see you. Drop by our booth #1491 to say “Hi!” and experience Beam for yourself.

Need to get into the expo? Just click through to register and enter VIP Code: SUI3237 for a pass on us.

See you there! And don’t forget to Tweet at us @SuitableTech and #SuitableTech.

April Fool’s Shenanigans

by Emily, Guest Writer

Jeremy, one of our software engineers, has been in Colorado for the past three weeks visiting family, but he still worked everyday via Beam in our Palo Alto office. Jeremy told everyone at Suitable Tech that he’d be back in the office on April 1st.

Practically begging for a prank, the team set out to plot some hilarious office antics for their returning coworker. The jello keyboard and mouse was definitely a delicious must-have along with the seasonal grass and Easter eggs filled with chocolate caramels. As for the toy dinos, those were a reference to Jeremy’s new Paleo diet and his large collection of dinosaur t-shirts. Come Monday morning, Jeremy decided to beam into the office, only to see the snickering faces of his coworkers and his decked-out desk. Jeremy came in later that day because, “Typing on a jello keyboard is such rare experience. I just had to come in person to do it since Beam doesn’t have that type of feature yet.” Everyone at the office loved the joke and enjoyed the late Easter treats.