Enterprise Connect 2014

Beam went coast to coast last week at Enterprise Connect in Orlando, Florida; a conference focused on connecting people in the workplace.

For three days, our team beamed in from Palo Alto, California and Kansas City, Missouri, joining Greg and Erin on the conference floor. As the conference got underway and the tech-savvy crowd filed through the doors, our team noticed something different from previous conventions… more people than ever knew about Beam and remote presence technology! We enjoyed fun and informative conversations with Enterprise Connect attendees. We explained how Beam recreates the “human experience”, facilitating face-to-face conversations for those unable to be present.

As day two of Enterprise Connect came to an end, we realized that a trip to Orlando wouldn’t be complete without visiting Disney World. Thanks to the 4G compatibilities of BeamPro, Emily and Cameron Beamed in around Downtown Disney. Once they arrived at DisneyWorld, they were greeted by a plethora of astonished children and parents. It only took minutes before Cameron and Emily felt like celebrities, taking pictures with the intrigued crowd and showcasing the benefits of Beam.

Enterprise Connect was not only an awesome trip, but also a reminder that our remote presence technology is continuing to become prominent everyday. Here at Suitable  Technologies, we are happy to be leaders and innovators in this exciting and rapidly evolving realm.

‘Til next time, Orlando!


VISA DBP Conference

Earlier today, Jennifer Olayon beamed into Diversity Best Practices Conference in Foster City, CA, all the way from New York City. Erin from Suitable and Jenn from Working Mother (via Beam) took the stage to explain the benefits of remote working. With Beam, a company can keep remote workers engaged and allow them to have a presence in the team. Although Jenn works in New York, she was able to attend the conference in California and be a part of the event and interact with her colleagues.

It was a great conference; key note speakers discussed ideas on how to recognize, retain, and promote diversity in the work field. Beam was one of the solutions to grow diversity, create innovation and advancement. We had a fun time hanging out with the attendees and speakers there, thanks for having us Working Mother Magazine!

Special shoutout to Jenn from Working Mother for Beaming into the event! :)



Beaming in to see the Big 12 Games

What a wild ride!!

Last Friday, Sara got to experience the Big 12 games in Kansas City, Missouri. Hanging out with our friends Lisa and Lonnie, Sara got to cruise the Power and Light District and see the beautiful downtown via Beam connected by 4G LTE.

There was a whole lotta red and blue walking around Kansas City enjoying their football, spirits, and community. We posted up at Pizza Bar to enjoy some food and drinks. Sara rocked the dance floor with her spin moves and got quite the chuckle. As a dancer, Sara was stoked that the Beam was so easy to maneuver.

Sara was able to check out the whole bar and was amazed at how huge the space was, perfectly laid out with stadium seats and huge screens. People there got a kick out of the novelty with Beam. Go Midwestern hospitality! It was Sara’s first time in Kansas City but definitely not her last. She had a blast and let’s see where she Beams to next.

Good people, great city, fun basketball. Go Beam!

Party it up @ SXSW

Last week, we were at SXSW, celebrating awesome music, film, and interactive technologies with more than 300,000 attendees. From Palo Alto to Austin, we brought 4 BeamPros there and our booth created quite a stir. Many people, even kids (the youngest driver was 3), test-drove our device in Kansas City. As depicted, Beams are children-friendly and they are great educational tools to teach kids about the power and future of technology.

photo 5 (3)

Our booth was right next to the New York Times and Greg beamed in to take pictures with the crowd at their photo booth. We even made it to the front page (click here)!

We were part of the Block Party that was hosted on Tuesday. We attached bamboo baskets (great party trays) to the Beams and gave out Ghirardelli chocolates. We thought we should represent San Francisco while we were at SXSW.

On the fourth day, we brought 2 Beams out to Downtown Austin so our colleagues who couldn’t make it to SXSW can Beam in. Brianna and Summer toured around 6th street, stopped by a few bars, and even checked out the Downtown Fire Department.


Meet Henry Evans

Henry Evans, a Stanford MBA and former Silicon Valley CFO, suffered a severe stroke-like attack leaving him mute and quadriplegic. He now pioneers the use of new technologies to help people with disabilities become more self sufficient. Recently, we had a chance to spend time with Henry at the Stanford Assistive Technologies Faire via Beam. 

“If you want something, you look for options.
If you don’t want it, you look for excuses.”
- Henry Evans

Stanford Football is Ahead of the Game

Under the guidance of Head Coach David Shaw, Stanford Football has undeniably grown into one of the nation’s most elite athletic programs.  Last week, we were very excited to hear that Coach Shaw attended a meeting from 2,300 miles away via Beam.

ESPN and Sports Illustrated also covered the story:



Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 6.32.32 PM

After the meeting, Coach Shaw did what no other video conferencing system allows a person to do–he walked down the hallway and visited with staff.

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 6.58.28 PM

Your move, Saban.


Beam at Abundance 360 Summit

Last Thursday, our friend Peter Diamandis brought two Beam Pros to the Abundance 360 Summit at the Ritz Carlton in Marina Del Rey. There were more than 150 business owners in attendance who saw and experienced Beam Pro in action.

Abundance 360 is a program presented in partnership with Peter Diamandis’ other organizations: Singularity University and XPRIZE. As noted by Marissa Brassfield from PHD Ventures, the Strategic Coach and Genius Network Mastermind also played a key role in event logistics and content mentorship.

Peter Diamandis first beamed into CES in Las Vegas, where he was greeted by Scott and Erin from Suitable. Upon arrival, Peter was given a tour of our booth space and was able to participate in the conference remotely. Later in the day, two of our team members visited Peter in Marina Del Rey where they discussed Beam Pro and the possibilities it can create for businesses. We are very grateful that Peter and his team were able to showcase our technology and allow attendees to operate the device themselves.

Thanks for having us Peter, Marissa, and Cody!

Suitable Tech at CES 2014

Last week, Suitable Technologies kicked off the New Year in Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show. In case you missed it, here’s the inside scoop of how Suitable does CES:


If you’ve been to CES, you know that the chaos begins months prior to the show’s opening. As an exhibitor, logistics can turn into a nightmare. There are so many factors that influence the booth coming to life. With the help of Beam Pro, Allan from Suitable Tech was able to visit the Las Vegas Convention Center from California to help the assembly team there construct our booth. When the morning of January 7th came around, our team was able to walk onto the show floor with full confidence that everything was ready to go.


On the Floor

Flights and hotels for CES in Las Vegas are booked up to 8 months in advance, and as the show nears, it’s difficult to find an empty room and an open seat. Luckily, flights and hotels were of no concern for the majority of the Suitable team. While many companies were able to send only a few members to CES, Suitable Tech was able to have an additional 10 team members staffing the booth remotely from our offices in California and Kansas City.

Chris (Palo Alto) & Summer (Kansas City)

Chris (Palo Alto) & Summer (Kansas City)


Press interviews: remote presence style.

Press interviews: remote presence style.

We received an overwhelmingly positive response from CES attendees. Our booth was buzzing with activity, and even mixed martial artist Rampage Jackson stopped by to check out Beam Pro.



During CES, we allocated one of our Beams for visitors. With Beam, Kashmir Hill from Forbes.com was able to attend CES from her kitchen in San Francisco. You can read her account of the experience on Forbes.com.

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 6.43.44 PM

Peter Diamandis beaming into CES on our visitor Beam.

Peter Diamandis beaming into CES on our visitor Beam.

The team from CNET also had a chance to try Beam Pro. We were thrilled to be included in one of their Top Gadgets and Stories segments for CES 2014. Beam Pro is featured at the 10:20 mark in this video.


We love the innovative spirit of CES, so it was awesome to see what other exhibitors were up to on the show floor.



Remote presence has its perks. By day two of the show, many attendees begin to feel the physical wrath of CES. Being on your feet all day takes a toll on the body. Beam Pro enabled our team members to feel well rested at the end of each day, and maintain high energy for the duration of the conference.

…but that doesn’t mean we didn’t have any fun. After all, CES is in Vegas.

Takin’ it to the Streets

As the clock struck 6:00pm and the show floor began to shut down, we popped in our 4G cards to hit the streets of Las Vegas. Attending remotely doesn’t mean you miss out on the fun!

Heading into REVOLUTION at The Mirage.

Heading into REVOLUTION at The Mirage.

Suitable Tech post-show dinner.
Suitable Tech post-show dinner.

You can't go to Vegas without watching the water show at Bellagio.

You can’t go to Vegas without watching the water show at Bellagio.


Hanging out with a group of friends after hours. We are so excited that Rockhouse at The Venetian officially has two Beams!

Hanging out with a group of friends after hours. We are so excited that Rockhouse at The Venetian officially has two Beams!



Scott and Emily choosing our location for next year.

HP Discover Barcelona 2013

Two weeks ago, HP brought Beams to HP Discover Barcelona, the ultimate showcase technology event for business and IT professionals to learn, connect, and grow. Many HP employees participated remotely and experienced attending a conference via Beam. HP is looking into leveraging the emerging mobile remote presence field, and we are excited to be a part of their plan!

Check out some of the cool pictures taken there (all photo credits belong to HP):

Serving Those Who Have Served Our Country

Last Thursday, we brought 6 Beams to San Antonio to attend a meeting hosted by H-E-B, UTARI, and Operation Finally Home. The organizational meeting was the first step to solidify a collaboration that would dramatically improve the independence of wounded warriors. By enabling potential contributors from Sweden, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Arkansas, and California to “Beam” into the H-E-B Corporate Office, attendance was increased by over 35%.

Due to a heavy storm that impacted travels that day, some attendees (from Dallas) could not make it to the meeting. Luckily, they had the option to “Beam” in and everything turned out great. Remote attendees listened to talks, participated in breakout sessions, and presented their own plans via Beam. Collaborations formed among remote and physically present stakeholders.

One of our main goals at Suitable Technologies to bring new possibilities into the lives of disabled veterans through the Smart Homes Initiative. We envision Beams empowering these heroes to live more independent lives both in their homes and being remotely present in the workplace. Suitable Technologies is very excited about the journey ahead, and we look forward to serving those who have served our country.